Customs Clearing Agents

Agents House Freight Pvt Ltd is licensed to act on behalf of our customers in the importation and exportation, goods in transit, removal in bond, commercial customs clearance, documentation submission and processing by all modes of transport i.e. road, rail, air and sea, of goods and services. With our nationwide, continental and world wide networking, all ports offices link we are able to meet and satisfy our clients’ needs and cost efficiency.
Imports: These are goods and services being brought into our country (Zimbabwe) originating outside either permanently or temporarily.
Exports: These are goods and services originating from one’s home country (Zimbabwe) originating outside either permanently or temporarily i.e. repair and return, exhibition and sports man goods, etc.
Removal in transit: These are shipments passing through Zimbabwe destined to other countries i.e. goods and services from Republic of South Africa to Zambia, Malawi or DRC.
We also handle overseas consignments facilitating the Cape to Cairo Vasco route, Asia, Europe. Giving you the continental-world class standards.
Removal in Bond (R.I.B.): This is clearance of goods into a bonded warehouse pending final clearance at the final destination upon payment of customs duties and taxes. To all those of our clients who by the time of importation might find difficulties in paying of customs duties and taxes we have made it easy for you have your goods removed into a nearest bonded warehouse whilst you are sourcing funds for duties and taxes.