Freight and Forwarding

“We carry noti?cations and deliver volumes”
Agent House Freight (Pvt) Ltd has integrated into transportation and logistics services that connects all major ports and the whole Southern Africa region. We are boosted by ?eet of associated trucks from Rigid to Abnormal, Heavy haulage trucks. We also partner and subcontract and strategic and reliable transporters.
Agent House Freight (Pvt) Ltd also support various government economic driving strategies. We pride ourselves in:
Dedicated loads mainly:
a) Coal
b) Mineral ores: chrome, etc
c) Grains
d) Plant and equipments

Hez-chem certified products:
a) Liquified petroleum gases
b) Bituminous oil and fossil fuels
Fresh produce and perishables
Specialized transportation of house and personal effect
Tanker and Tipper transport services