Specialised Cargo Logistics

  1. Animals regional and international commercial movement such as cattle, goats, sheep, etc.
  2. Farm produce: frozen and perishables this includes flowers, fruits and vegetables, bovine.
  3. HEZ-CHEM certified products: hazardous and non hazardous, flammable and non flammable, etc such products includes: bituminous oil, tar, sulhuric acids and chemicals, liquefied petroleum gas etc.
  4. Diplomatic Cargos: state security products, etc.
  5. Domestic transfers
  6. Abnormal loads, both local and transit
  7. Escorts for abnormal loads
  8. Load tracking, truck monitoring and cargo superivison
  9. Abnormal loads permits application and facilitation
  10. Payment of customs duties in advance
  11. Facilitation of ZIMRA VAT deferments account (Special Grants Projects Only)